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Key Information

We are delighted to welcome you to Guatemala for what will be an action-packed four of days full of action and inspiration. Ahead of your trip, please take the time to read through this key information.


What to pack

Antigua weather: 

High: 25.0°C (77°F) Low: 16.0°C (61°F)

Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc. At night, the temperatures can drop, so we recommend bringing an extra layer such as a sweater or a light jacket. There is a high chance for rain in the afternoons.

Overall Guidance

Be casual & comfortable for day time activities: jeans/ t-shirts, casual shirts, tops, long dresses/ skirts, sneakers, flats.

Avoid: Large handbags, heels, shorts/ short skirts/ short dresses and large pieces of jewelry.

If you are an amateur photographer, feel free to bring your hand-held camera.
Don't forget your cell phone charger and/or extra battery pack.

Acatenango volcano weather: 

High: 18.0°C (65°F) Low: 0°C (32°F)

For the volcano hike and camping bring:

Two comfortable and breathable shirts or t-shirts, preferably long sleeved and quick-drying for sweat. A thermal or cotton shirt for camping

Trekking pants (avoid jeans as they become heavy with sweat) and thermal pants for hiking 

A windbreaker jacket

Warm jacket for cold weather


Footwear: Comfortable hiking shoes or boots, preferably not brand new but already worn-in. Avoid heavy boots. 2 pairs of wool socks and Crocs or comfortable footware for camping. 

Backpack: We're hiring staff to carry the heavier equipment, so bring an assault backpack which should not exceed 50 liters (similar to a school backpack), and make sure it can be comfortably worn around the waist so that the leg muscles bear the weight instead of the back.

Hydration: We will be carrying enough bottled water on horseback. Bring a CamelBak bag if you'd like.

UV protection: Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm. A buff or something for the neck.


Medications: If you take any medications, make sure you bring them and inform the guide and/or your companions about how to administer them.


The national currency in Guatemala is the Quetzal (Q), which is divided into bills of  5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 and coins of Q1.00, Q0.25,  Q0.10, Q0.05 and Q0.01.

The average exchange for $1.00 goes from Q7.65 - Q8.00. 

American Dollars are accepted in almost every store.

We strongly recommend changing currency only in banks. Do not exchange money in  informal houses, streets or at the airport.

Tips and tax

It is customary to add a 15% tip based on total cost of services received.  In formal establishments, service is typically included in final bill however double check. In informal establishments, it is not.

Sales tax or IVA is 12% of the purchase value.

Credit, Debit Cards & Documents 

We recommend carrying only the credit card or debit card you will be using during the day; if you have multiple cards, please decide which one you will be using according to the itinerary that day. Credit cards are widely accepted in Antigua although AMEX less often than Visa and Mastercard. We recommend not accepting foreign aid when withdrawing money from ATMs. Before using the ATMs, check it has not been altered to avoid card cloning. Carry a photocopy of your passport when out. We recommend using the ATMs located within the hotel or banks, most of them are located at Antigua´s Central Park.


Tap water is not safe drinking, under any circumstances. You should always drink bottled water in hermetically sealed presentation. Outside formal restaurants, milk can sometimes not be pasteurized so always asked for packaged UHT milk, powdered milk or canned. Eating meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables should be done in formal places not on the street. Fruit should be eaten peeled or disinfected. Use 50+ sunscreen and consume plenty of water to avoid dehydration by the heat. Smoking In Guatemala by law, smoking is prohibited in small spaces, vehicles and public spaces and facilities.

Trekking's Difficulty

The challenge level of a trekking excursion can be quite subjective. What may seem easy for one person could be an insurmountable task for another. This largely depends on one's physical condition, prior experience, and age, but above all else, their personal motivation. Despite this, it's customary to classify this trek as challenging. Two key factors contributing to this rating are the altitude (we'll reach up to 4,000 meters) and the cold weather, but with proper gear, these elements can be managed. In summary, a healthy individual with regular physical preparation should be able to handle this adventure without any major issues. We recommend an exercise regimen of an hour, three times a week, starting at least three months before the trip for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. For training, weighted backpack walks, running, cycling, and gym steps can all be effective. Above all, the incredible views provided by the Acatenango Volcano serve as the ultimate motivation to finish the day with a smile on your face.

More information

We understand that before registering for a journey like this, you might have several questions. If these have not been clarified in the previous responses, please feel free to contact me through the email


Book today!

This is a small VIP pilot trip, at a special price. It's capped at 10 fellows. Pay now to reserve your spot!

Cancellation Policy:

Get a full refund 90 days before the trip. 50% refund 60–30 days before the trip.

No refund 30 days or less before the trip.

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